Seeking an Investor and/or Owner of approx. 40 Acres of Land Zoned Commercial

100 Acres would be better…

Note: According to there are 202,842 Hotels Globally, see:

I repeat, there are approximately 202,842 Hotels Globally, however, not a single Hotel has the “AQUARANT” as one of its Attractions; I know this because I invented the AQUARANT to be an Attraction for Hotels so as to increase Hotel occupancy. See  below…

Dear Visitor,

I believe the first AQUARANT should be developed in Las Vegas and here are two reasons why:

  1. I am situated in Las Vegas and since my invention AQUARANT has never been constructed anywhere, logic dictates that the First AQUARANT should be constructed and perfected in Las Vegas where I live.
  2. Approximately 42 Million people visit Las Vegas Yearly, therefore from a business point of view, it would be wise to develop the first AQUARANT in Las Vegas.

I stated above that the first QUARANT should be developed in Las Vegas,  however, I am open for its development  anywhere else on Earth.

I am open to any scenario to develop the AQUARANT; meaning that I am willing to deal with existing Hotel Owners in need of an Attraction… I am also willing to deal with Developers of Hotels wanting a unique Attraction for their Hotel or Hotels situated anywhere on Earth.

My number one choice is to joint Venture with an Owner of approximately 40 acres of Land zoned “Commercial” and fully paid for. (Zoned to allow the development of a Hotel and the AQUARANT).

I would also be happy to joint Venture with any Wealthy person. I do not have any money to invest; my input in the Joint Venture would be my Invention AQUARANT and my time.

The AQUARANT could be developed first on Land  and later on the Hotel could be developed; or both could be developed at the same time. It is a question of available funding/money.

The AQUARANT could be developed in different ways…

This first Image is of the AQUARANT Concept intended to be developed Off-shore


This second Image is of the AQUARANT Concept intended to be developed in a Man made Lagoon


This Third Image is of the AQUARANT Concept intended to be developed on Land situated in a Large Round Pool. This Concept is ideal for Las Vegas and other places that do not have a Beach front. The Pool would need to be large so as to accommodate different Water Sports activities.


This image is of the Interior of the AQUARANT Concept


Amenities of the AQUARANT:


A  My Son Mark (photo taken in 1972)

A  My Daughter Denise (photo taken in 1972 or 1973?)

These pictures were taken in 1972 and possibly in 1973, as you can see the upper image is of the AQUARNT I constructed out of Plexiglas the lower photo is of the AQUARANT completely Constructed; the original version.

I truly believe that the AQUARANT could become a Franchise…

If the above interests you Email to me and in turn I will respond accordingly.


Aloysius Dalli

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