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Of the 4  investments that I am offering, if I were an Investor  I would choose the “AQUARANT”  first … to understand why, please keep reading and reviewing this Presentation..

You know the expression, “seeing is believing”… Hence if I were the investor I would choose to invest in the “AQUARANT”, the reason being that the Investor could do his or her own due diligence pertaining to the number of visitors that visit Las Vegas, Nevada, USA… (Approximately 40 Million people visit Las Vegas yearly, see: http://news.yahoo.com/record-number-visited-las-vegas-2012-204616367.html)

I am also willing to show the qualified Investor the 42 Acres of Land situated near the MGM Grand Hotel which is perfect for the development of the first AQUARANT, see Photo of the Land below and such an investor could visit me at my home to see the AQUARANT Model that I invented and constructed. See proof below… My Children watched me for 6 months while I constructed the AQUARANT Model…

These below  photos were taken in 1972 when I invented the name AQUARANT and the AQUARANT Concept/structure/amenity/Attraction mainly for Large Hotels. As you can see I constructed the AQUARANT Model out of Plexiglass.

                 This is my Son Mark back in 1972          and this is my Daughter Denise back in 1972


I invented the AQUARANT as an Attraction to be added on to existing Hotels in order to increase their Hotels’ occupancy.

Presently, I wish to first buy the 42 Acres of Land mentioned above and develop the first AQUARANT in the World in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (Hopefully near the MGM Grand Hotel) The MGM Grand is the Green Building at the background shown below.

Here is a photo of the 42 Acres situated in Las Vegas I wish to buy in order to develop the first AQUARANT in the World:


If the investor would visit my home, he would see the Model of the AQUARANT sitting on the round table and the Artist Renderings of the Exterior of the AQUARANT and Interior of the AQUARANT as shown below. (The original Concept)

I envisioned the AQUARANT to be at Sea as shown on the Artist rendering below, however, since then I have decided that the AQUARANT could be developed on Land surrounded by a Pool of Water.

The following photo is what the investor would see when visiting me at my home; the AQUARANT Model situated on the left hand side and the AQUARANT Renderings on the Wall…

Please scroll down to see my “Question” to Investors



If you found that it is true that approximately 40 Million People visit Las Vegas Yearly, If you saw the above mentioned 42 Acres of Land and if you visited me to see the AQUARANT Model and Artist Renderings as shown above, (if you have the liquidity) would you invest $500 Million USD for 49% Ownership of a Corporation to be?

Such a Corporation would Own the Land and the first AQUARANT developed in Las Vegas and the Rights of the AQUARANT.  This means that if the AQUARANT is Franchised later on, the Investor would benefit 49% of the Profits as well.

Once the first AQUARANT is developed and perfected in Las Vegas, I believe that certain Hotel Owners  World wide would want the AQUARANT developed for their Hotels in order to improve their Hotel’s occupancy. Do you see the potential?

Note: I did not just invent the Name AQUARANT and the Structure of the AQUARANT, I also invented the Concepts/amenities/services that makes the AQUARANT Project beyond interesting… (A major part of the AQUARANT is an International Restaurant).

Below you see an Artist rendering of the Exterior and the Interior of the AQUARANT, Notice the Red Flag? Keep reading and I will disclose why I placed the Red Flag on the structure of the AQUARANT. (Keep in mind that people from all over the World visit Las Vegas).


One of my numerous Concepts to be part of the AQUARANT Project is to introduce Food from all over the World and this will be done as follows:

Every Day except One Day per month a different Flag would be raised (In place of the above shown red Flag) to honor a different Friendly Country and the Specialty of the House for that Day would be the favorite Food of the Head of State of such Country. (As part of the Menu, other food would be served that is favored in that same Country).

Every First Day of each month, to show gratitude and Honor the Investor that invests the $500 Million USD to help me develop the First AQUARANT in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, that Day the Flag of his Country would be raised (In place of the Red Flag shown above) and the specialty of the House for that Day would be the Investor’s favorite Food. (As part of the Menu, other food would be served that is favored in that same Country).

I do not know if this would interest the qualified Investor, I have numerous Letters from Well to do and Famous people praising my AQUARANT and a few stated that they would be glad to visit it once developed… I would be glad to show these letters to the interested qualified investor.

I also have a Letter from a California  Designers and Engineers Group that examined my AQUARANT Model and their letter/first paragraph reads as follows:

We are intrigued with the prospect of working with you as design and construction managers of your proposed project Aquarant. The unique design and unusual setting should create much enthusiasm with both investors as well as potential users as it has with the professional team who are consulting with us.

I would be glad to show the above entire Letter which reads in a positive manner to the qualified interested Investor…

I would like to receive your comments, one way or another…



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