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I wish to develop the First AQUARANT in Las Vegas Nevada, USA... Two reasons... (1) Since the AQUARANT is my invention and it has never been developed/Constructed before, it would be best to perfect it here in Las Vegas, USA where I live. (2) Approximately 40 Million People from all over the World visit Las Vegas, Nevada, USA... With proper Management the AQUARANT would be like having a Gold Mine in Las Vegas! I am presently seeking Investors from any Friendly Country. (At the present time, I am not seeking Lenders)


I was born in Alexandria Egypt and I would love to see the second AQUARANT developed near the Pyramids of Egypt, assuming that there is Land available for sale close to the Pyramids. People from all over the World Visit the Pyramids to see such ancient Wonder! How cool would it be to have a Resort Hotel developed in such a Wonderful location and having the AQUARANT as its main Attraction with a view of the Pyramids!!!

Brazil or Brasil

Every time I see photos of Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, I wish I was there! I am a Senior but I still appreciate seeing the Beautiful Ladies in Bikinis! Of course the Beaches and Warm Climate are also outstanding... Imagine how great it would be if it were permitted by the Brazilian Government to develop the AQUARANT at the Inlet of Rio!!! Rio is already Popular and with the addition of an AQUARANT, Rio would become an even Hotter place to visit! (Vacation).


Ideally the AQUARANT would be best appreciated if developed by the Sea, Lake, or Man-made Lagoons situated and having a warm Climate all year long. I have included China because China is a very large Country and highly populated, hence, the AQUARANT could become extremely successful if developed in a City having a Warm Climate. As a matter of fact, my FUNTASEA Concept would be ideal if it were developed in China having the AQUARANT as one of its amenities. Please note: My AQUARANT & FUNTASEA Concepts could also be developed in many other countries having Water frontage and warm Climate.

I am a Dreamer and I love all good people, hence I would love to see the AQUARANT developed Worldwide; more so, I would love to see my Concept FUNTASEA developed Worldwide... FUNTASEA is partly intended as a Humanitarian Project and because of the high cost to develop such Projects, I think all Governments should develop FUNTASEA for their People. See: